Julie on the issues


Strong leadership

Children, parents, and teachers deserve committed leaders with integrity on the Deer Valley school board who will fight to improve our schools and put students first. I’ve spent my adult life advocating for issues like education and public safety on behalf of my family and community. My children have attended DVUSD schools and I have been an active parent volunteer. I know what we need to build on our district’s successes and fix our shortcomings. From day one, I will be ready to lead for our children as a DVUSD board member.


A focus on classroom dollars       

Our annual budget exceeds $200 million – and taxpayers deserve to know that their money is spent wisely and responsibly. I am committed to putting more dollars in the classroom where we can improve student outcomes and prepare our children for the future. I believe in honesty and transparency, and those ideals should be cornerstones of our budget process. I will consult with parents, teachers & community members, examine expenditures, and put dollars directly in the classroom. 


Increasing teacher salaries

As a former teacher, I believe teachers deserve to be paid a liveable wage and feel like valued assets to their district. Right now, teacher salaries aren’t competitive and we aren’t able to attract or keep top talent. Arizona has made positive changes, but there is more work to do. I will ensure our budget improves teacher salaries in order to keep the best teachers in our district and provides them a living wage. Our DVUSD teachers are important! 


Innovation and solution-based programs

The teaching methods we grew up with are no longer effective for our children. DVUSD needs to bring innovative programs into the classroom that reflect how children learn and use technology today. Our curriculum should prepare our students to thrive in the 21st century workforce. I will consult with business leaders and education advocates in our community, across the state and throughout the country to determine the best programs to help our children succeed inside and outside the classroom.